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Organisation name Healthy Reply
Organisation size Large (> 250 employees and > € 50 m turnover)
Headquarters Italy
Market Presence European
Overall description Starting from 2007, Santer Reply is a company of the Italian group Reply.
Santer Reply operates in the Health and Public Administration market mixing:● a consolidated experience in the sector, matured with the creation and management of vertical applications and services for Local Health Authorities, Hospital Companies, Municipalities and Regions;
● in-depth skills in the use of innovative architectures and technologies.The new communication channels and digital media represent one of the areas in which Santer Reply has matured a great deal of experience for many years. Following the innovation trend, it has specialized in:➢ development of telemedicine and services / products related to remote health management;
➢ promotion of improvement and innovation in the use and management of socio-health data;
➢ preparation of an innovative model of "care and cure" territorial services.Today Santer Reply is recognized as a Reply Group company specialized in consulting services and application development for the Healthcare and Public Administration market. In particular, it is aimed at Local Health Authorities, public and private Hospitals, RSAs, Regions and Municipalities.
Santer Reply proposes portals for the citizen to make public utilities (e.g. booking centers) available, while for the healthcare and hospital sectors it proposes a federated model for the integration of vertical application solutions (e.g. analysis of production activities, telemedicine and management of patient reception processes).
Santer Reply can make strategic experience regarding software system integration available to the project. Experience in this field has been gained in the development and management of the integration platform of the repository of the reports and of the health file for the Valle d'Aosta and Lombardy regions. In particular, the latter puts this integration platform at the disposal of all the local health structures, both for the supply of the central registry of Lombardy and for the patient reception systems (CUP, PS, ADT, LIS) and repository of reports.Furthermore, Santer Reply has gained significant experience in projects aimed at the design and development of open technology platforms for accessing information (e.g. Open Data), integrated with existing systems (e.g. IEEE, HL7, IHE, ...) pgeared towards future additions, and distributed in the access and provision of services.The experience of Santer Reply in integration systems began in 2005 with the project of the Regional Integration Platform (CRS-SISS Project) which today boasts the following installations:● Lombardy: 24 hospitals, 15 local health companies
● Valle d’Aosta Region: provision of a Regional ESB both for interoperability between the Region or ASL / ATS and the Hospital, both for interoperability with other Regions. Supply of the Electronic Health Record (ESF)In the context of internal integrations (via ESB), over 500 integrations have been completed; in the context of the CRS-SISS project there are about 450 integrations of the following types:● Personal data (HL7): 215 additions
● Repository reports (HL7): 19 additions
● Order-Filler (HL7): 169 additions
● Reservation services and payment systems (CRS-Mall): 35 additionsThese integrations involved 40 different suppliers with more than 20 types of departmental systems.
In the repository of the Hospital Companies managed by Santer, more than 100 million reports are filed and managed to date (period 2009 - October 2015), with an average of more than 4 million reports per company.
Areas of expertise Healthy Reply (Brand company of Santer Reply) is the Reply Group company specialized in telemedicine, telemonitoring and the continuity of social welfare. Healthy Reply collaborates with public and private healthcare institutions and bodies, clinics and hospitals, social and healthcare facilities, insurance companies and banks, convention centres and enterprises, to design customised services that can guarantee continuous care and assistance.
Contact person Nicola Bottone, Product Manager
Email n.bottone@reply(dot)it
Technology experience IoMT Platfom development for Telemedicine & Behavioural Analysis
Areas of cooperation sought Device and system integration, services delivery
Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.