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Organisation name Sedam IT Ltd.
Organisation size Medium (< 250 employees and ≤ € 50 m turnover)
Headquarters Croatia
Market Presence European; International (other than Europe)
National reach USA, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Turkey, etc.
Overall description Sedam IT is a software development company experienced in the delivery of both our own and renowned vendor ICT solutions, with a focus on the individual approach to each client. Founded in 2003, we have grown to a medium-sized company with 140 employees today. We have several own software solutions like CRM, contact center, the electronic delivery of documents (eDelivery), and payment services for fintech environment, as well as services of IT infrastructure monitoring, IT security, managing data centers, and networks.Omnilinq is our omnichannel platform that connects all channels of communication with customers (patients) and manages them through a single interface solution. It can drive the customer’s trust and build stronger customer relationships. Our mission is to provide an ideal communication solution for enterprises with the maximum correlation between different communication platforms (e.g. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat, and more...). Omnilinq’s intuitive and convenient interface simplifies work for maximum gain.Our omnichannel platform is flexible with the ability to grow and adapt to suit different businesses and fields of work.
Areas of expertise Our OMNICHANNEL communication solution with integrated general CRM functionality represents a powerful tool for unified live contact between patient and healthcare provider. It manages on-line communication, initiated by healthcare provider, patient or some automated rules and/or AI bots, while taking care of data privacy in a patient centered environment.
Contact person Vedran Didara, Project Development Expert
Email eu7info@sedamit(dot)hr
Technology experience The healthcare industry is undergoing a shift from institution-centered care to a patient-centered care while adopting ICT solutions to organize, coordinate, automate processes, and interact with patients. Our solution can address the challenge by focusing on relationship management, and gain and offer tangible benefits.
Areas of cooperation sought We can cover the whole communication aspect of the solution from patient and care provider enrollment to multi-channel communications between the involved parties (patient-health care provider).
Willing to share further information under a Non-Disclosure Agreement Yes.